Tanawha Trail – Viaduct to Stacked Rock, NC

Hiked a section of the Tanawha Trail starting at the Lynn Cove Viaduct to Stacked Rock parking lot on 10/17/2022. First we stopped at a pullout to observe the viaduct from a distance, then we headed to the Lynn Cove Visitor Center where we parked. I started by walking to the observation deck. I had hiked that section of the Tanawha trail in a different time of year and wanted to see how it looked in the Fall. It was absolutely glorious!

After the Observation deck, I headed the opposite direction toward Beacon Heights. I had intended to hike to Beacon Heights but opted to turn around after one mile at stacked rock parking rock. The trail was more technical than I had expected, and I was tired after a previous hike. I would rate it as moderate due to lots of roots and rocks. I enjoyed the stunning fall scenery.

References AllTrails, My hike

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