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Welcome to my blog! My name is Sylvie Feghali Smith. I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, a software engineer, an author, a patented inventor with a variety of interests including writing, photography, traveling, hiking, cooking. I would like to invite anyone with similar interests to follow my adventures. So happy you stopped by today! Consider subscribing, I am always adding new posts.

My first book A Glimpse Into My Life: A collection of Micro-Memoirs is an easy, enjoyable read as evidenced by the reviews it has received on Amazon.
It is a micro-memoir composed of eight short stories highlighting growing up in Lebanon, immigrating to the US, raising my children as a single mother, and praising my parents, grandparents. It will make you smile, may even force a tear or two or trigger a memory.
It demonstrates how a heart that loves will not be forgotten and that at the end of every dark tunnel, there is a light -if one looks for it.

I love hiking and nature photography. In 2019 I set out to visit all forty seven South Carolina state parks, an accomplishment that earned me the Ultimate Outsider title which I am quite proud of. I am currently working on taking my nature photography skills to the next level

I was honored in November, 2020 to be one of Columbia Photo Challenge winners.

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