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Chapel of Ease, SC

Interesting chapel ruins and cemetery dating back to the 1740s in the island of Saint Helena

Beaufort Waterfront, SC

A gorgeous waterfront walk along moss draped oak trees on one side and boats floating in the Atlantic on the other

Hitchcock Woods, SC

This recreational, cultural, environmental, equestrian park is an urban gem in the city of Aiken

Hobcaw Barony, SC

A natural research lab, this former rice plantation retains its pristine natural state thanks to The Belle Baruch Foundation

Kalmia Gardens, SC

A beautiful natural garden ornate with Camelias and other flowers with a scenic boardwalk over a swamp

Savannah Rapids, GA

A lovely sunset walk in a beautiful park with a canal one side and the Savannah river on the other


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  1. Sylvie,
    I am Mary Ridgeway, director of Kalmia Gardens, and wanted to contact you about your recent visit to the Gardens. Someone sent me your site and it is beautiful. All of your pictures are wonderful everywhere you go, but the ones you did of Kalmia are fabulous! Could we use them? I wish I had known you were here because I would love to meet you.

    1. Oh thank you so much for your comment. I love Kalmia!
      I’d be honored if you would use my photos.
      I am happy to send you full resolution photos if you intend to use them in print. Downloading from my blog may provide good enough resolution for screen displays but likely not print.

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