Grandfather Mountain State Park, NC

We visited Grandfather Mountain on August 24th, 2021. I had been looking forward to walking over the mile high bridge and enjoying the picturesque scenic views. The park charges $20 per adult. Upon entry we were handed an audio describing the history and explaining the features and biodiversity found in this 300-million-year-old mountain.

Grandfather Mountain is 2,456 acres of rugged stunning terrains. The United Nations added it to its international network of Biosphere Reserves. We hiked the 0.5 miles from the lower parking lot to the mile high bridge. Though it was short, it rose gradually about 500ft until we reached the bridge. The scenery is absolutely stunning. I nervously crossed the bridge heading toward MacRae peaks. I was in awe before I reached the end. The 360 degree views were simply incredible. A raven flew over the gorge, I hurried to click the shutter.

The trail to Calloway peak is a much sought and hard trail. It is described as phenomenal including steep ladders and ropes. I hope to gather enough courage to hike it one day until then, I’d go back to this park if only for the amazing views.

References Grand Father Mountain, NC State Parks

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  1. I see you got a pic of the bird! He/she was so close and so graceful riding the updraft from the valley.


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