Rough Ridge, NC

On 8/14/2022 we parked at the Wilson Creek Overlook parking lot to hike to Rough Ridge Lookout. On Alltrails it is called Rough Ridge via Tanawha. We had previously hiked the first section of the Tanawha trail on a previous trip. On this day we started at Wilson Creek overlook parking and hiked about 2.5 miles to Rough Ridge lookout and back. The trail, albeit rootsy and rocky is very scenic. We soon crossed a beautiful wooden bridge, followed by a field of colorful wildflowers. About halfway, we reached the summit offering stunning 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains peppered with glimpses of the Lynn Cove Viaduct. We continued our hike toward the overlook passing rock outcroppings with even more stunning landscapes. At the overlook, we were met with a welcoming boardwalk crowded with hikers. Dark rain clouds formed forcing us to turn around and head back.

I very much enjoyed the trail, the flowers, the views. I highly recommend this moderate hike.

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