A winter evening at Columbia Riverfront Park, SC

One of my favorite walks in Columbia is at Columbia Riverfront park and Canal. It’s a beautiful 6 mile roundtrip walk with the canal on one side and the river on the other. It’s a popular place, I wore a mask today just to be safe since the numbers of Covid cases continues to climb. This was the first time I visit in the evening so I had a chance to view the sun set over the river. It was a fiery spectacle of colors as you will observe in the photos. It was also the first time I see this many cormorants in the park. I have posted two other blogs about this park one in the Spring and another in the Summer. Every season or time of day you visit, it looks like you are in a new place. Nature is amazing in how often it changes outfits.

References Columbia Riverfront Park

As the sun set

Before the sunset

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