Spring at Columbia Riverfront park, SC

I love to walk the Riverfront park. It is about 5.5 miles round trip from one end to the other. The park looks different depending on the season. It is literally as if it changes outfits. I enjoy watching the people and the wildlife. It is an easy mostly paved trail and it is beautiful. So happy Columbia offers this trail, you often encounter joggers, walkers, fishermen, people reading books on the grass, photographers taking prom or portraits photos, I’ve even had a yoga class there. It’s a lovely relaxing area right in downtown Columbia. It is a portion of the Capital City passage of the Palmetto Trail.

Reference web site: Columbia Riverfront park

A lot of action in this shot yet it gives me pause. Can you spy the other heron? I’d bet they are not liking the fishermen. This is our domain people !
Trying to be noticed
Well howdy neighbor, good thing they don’t need to worry about any contagion risk
Waiting on someone to want to go up … or down after all life can be traced to a series of ups and downs can’t it? 
Symmetrical lines, water, dirt asphalt. Which path has life put you on? 
Life is a struggle, sometimes a partner makes is easier. I love this shot. The water turned out just as I wanted it.
My work here is done
Love how the lights guide the way. Where are you headed in life ? What is guiding your way?
Perhaps my favorite shot in this album. The bird is basking on a branch over the canal. I love the reflections in the water. 
I am here though you may not notice me. Sometimes one needs to look outside the box 
Are they crying because of the situation in our world today? They sure seem sad though they have a riverfront view. Goes to show, nobody really knows what others might be facing despite their fancy appearance or view
Symmetry, gotta love it. Do you strive in chaos or symmetry? 
I love the color these little flowers are trying to add to the photo. Do you add color to other people’s lives?
La vie a deux. It can be better with the right partner
The world might be in chaos but that does not stop me from doing what I do.
I might be tiny but with the right lens you can see how pretty I am. Are you overlooking the small things in your life? 
 Hello Spring
I love the contrast of his hamac to the cloudy colors of fall. Think he is researching the virus or his next vacation spot? I’d like to think he is simply reading a fictional book. Sometimes fiction is a great escape when life is full of bad. I love how relaxed this photo makes me
We may be too crowded and on top of each other but we don’t have access to internet and have not heard of a contagious epidemic. We simply enjoy being. Is there a lesson for you?
Not sure why I like this photo but I do May be because she is walking with a purpose, in a determined direction, free, and comfortable, the way we strive to be. My wish for you is to find a direction for your life and follow it comfortably.
We are an oddity but so much of your world is too. We share it with you. Take a look around.
We walk life together . This couple though different clothing colors and position of hands, is in perfect harmony. check out their mirrored stride.
I had to take their photo. We are all different, can we walk together in harmony ?
Love the Palmetto trail! How far do you strive to go? From Mountain to sea 
Imagining a day when birds landed here for food and shelter, now it is swaying but still hanging on. Waiting for tiny colorful visitors. 
Beauty always stands out 
The city of Columbia putting on a show for every visitor to this lovely park. Keep your eyes open to see it

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