Palmetto Trail: Lake Marion Passage, SC

I met Beth and Cathy at Packs Landing on 2/7/2021. I did not know them and wondered if we would get along for the 9.5 mile hike they had planned and kindly invited me to join. I should have known we would hit it off right away. I can’t remember meeting a hiker I did not like. Hikers are united with a unique love for nature and exploration, and exploring we did. The Palmetto Trail never disappoints. I have enjoyed every section I hiked so far. Section 3 of the Lake Marion Passage of the Palmetto trail offers a variety of interesting surprises: There was the lake of course at the beginning of the trail, pine tree woods, cypress swamps, creeks, boardwalks, old stills, a rusty abandoned car, an abandoned house, a pond, hundred of migrating black birds, a variety of mushrooms… Beth, a teacher, shared how they teach children about fungi and lichen: “Freddy fungi and Alice algae took a lichen to each other”. So cute! I had not heard it before. Have you?

Hats off the hard working Palmetto Trail volunteers for building boardwalks/bridges for hikers to avoid muddy waters. We walked over a number of newly built ones and some in process of being built. Thank you so much! We appreciate all that you do to keep the Palmetto Trail maintained and well marked.

Thanks for including me Beth and Cathy!

Reference Palmetto Trail, AllTrails also check out my new friend Beth Eberhard’s wonderful log on this same hike

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  1. I believe these are my favorite pictures for some reason. See how the overcast dreary day turns sunny and beautiful! Nature is awesome like that


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