Kalmia Gardens, SC

Visited the natural beauty of Kalmia Gardens on 2/6/2021 with my friend Laura. The garden is located in Hartsville, SC. Although it was February and the landscape is mostly brown, a few Camelia flowers brightened the garden. We enjoyed walking on the boardwalk by the swamp, checking out the artesian well, observing the structure created to manage storm water, the squishy trails, the chandelier and artifacts hanging in the woods by the education center, the birds around the bird feeders etc.

Kalmia garden’s documented history goes back to the time of the pioneers when King George III granted Benjamin Davis the acreage upon which the garden is located. The property exchanged many hands until neglected, it was given to Mrs. May Coker. Ms. May set about to create a beautiful garden after enlisting the help of locals. The garden has been opened to the public to enjoy since 1935. It was given to Coker College in 1965. There is no charge to visit and I highly recommend you do. Its beauty transcends the seasons so you can head over there any time.

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  1. I am amazed at these photos. You did a great job capturing and spotlighting the beauty of this garden. Your pics really make this little gem in Hartsville so inviting and enchanting. I’ve been to this garden several times but your pics make me feel as if I had never been there before. I am looking forward to our next adventure.


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