Congaree National Park, SC

I picked up my mother and headed to Congaree swamp in mid December 2020. This is the only National park in South Carolina. The park nearly covers 27,000 acres of protected wilderness. This was not my first trip there. I’ve been many times before in various seasons. I remember a visit when my children were little, the boardwalk was covered with caterpillars. It was not fun to fight them away, but I knew come summer the butterflies would be terrific. In the summer the bugs are so bad that the park has a mosquito meter by the visitor center. If you happen to be in the area end of May, the park is known for the show put on by fireflies. Visitors drive from all over to see them. On that visit, I remember people needing to park about a mile away due to the crowds. The fireflies are amazing. I have also kayaked the swamp with family on a thanksgiving break and that was a wonderful experience.

The park offers over 10 trails varying in lengths from 0.4 to 12 miles. My mom and I walked the beautiful 2.6miles boardwalk. A squirrel was the only wildlife we saw on this visit.

Reference Congaree National park web site, Trails

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