Savannah Historic District, GA

I took my mother to Savannah for a day trip in August 2020. We bought a Hop On/ Hop off trolley tour of the historic district which I highly recommend on your first visit. They narrate a summary of the historical events that the city went through and explain important or anecdotal aspects at every stop. It was an enjoyable tour after which one can determine where to spend more time. We hopped off three times to check out the cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, to eat lunch on River Street and to wander a bit in the inviting and popular Forsyth park. Most of the photos I took are from the trolley so they are not the best but they will work to give you an idea of how beautiful and interesting is this city. I hope to be able to visit again, walk the historic district and take my time in photographing the various landmarks in this picturesque square. I am sure you Savannah will lay its southern charm on you as it did on me.

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