North Beach, Tybee Island GA

Tybee is a barrier island 18 miles east of Savannah in Chatham County, GA. Its known history goes back over 400 years. It was settled by Spanish, French, pirates and British before being occupied by Confederates who lost control to Union soldiers. After the Civil War, Tybee started its journey to becoming a vacation resort. In 1855 Fort Screven was built on its North end. Many troops trained there and stood guard through the Spanish-American war, World War I and World War II. The Fort was closed in 1947 and sold to the town. The former gun battery is now a museum.

I was in the area and had never been to Tybee so I decided on a quick stop. It was almost sunset when I found myself on the North Beach. There is also a South Beach, Mid Beach, Back River Beach and Little Tybee Beach (check the map in my references). Tybee has had a lighthouse since 1736. It was rather a day-mark which is a lighthouse without a light. It was replaced and relocated in 1742 and again in 1773. The structure became an actual lighthouse in 1791 when it was lit with spermaceti candles (a white waxy substance produced by the sperm whale, formerly used in candles). You can visit the 100ft lighthouse and museum for a small entry fee. It had just closed for the day when I arrived, so I merely took a few photos from the outside.

The North Beach is beautiful. I enjoyed my sunset walk. There were a few people on the beach on this December weekend. I intend to come back and check out the other sections of the island including the pier on a future trip.

Reference Tybee Island History, Tybee Lighthouse History, Tybee’s beaches

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