Saluda Riverwalk 2021, SC

For my last walk of 2021 I decided to go back to the Saluda Riverwalk on Candi Ln in Columbia. I really enjoy walking in this park. The path is very scenic. It meanders alongside the river, either on a boardwalk or a paved trail. The main parking lot is in middle of the trail and offers clean restrooms. I clocked about 5 miles and walked both sides until I saw a “Trail Closed” sign on each end. As the path to Boyd Island was closed, this section is excluded from my mileage. Alltrails states it is 7.3 miles, I assume they are including Boyd Island. It is a popular park for riding bicycles, fishing, walking, running… There are plenty of picnic tables available also. Often times I see kayakers or tubers on the Saluda though none were there today.

There is usually an abundance of wildlife and wildlife photographers as well. Today, I saw deer, cormorants, turtles, river otters, geese, birds… The park is always clean and well maintained. It also offers a number of educational signs with content explaining the historical or geographical aspects of the area. I highly recommend a visit if you have not been there yet. It is an easy, flat path without any elevation gain.

Reference Explore Saluda Riverwalk | AllTrails

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