Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, SC

We visited this 2900 acre refuge on Sunday 8/30/2020. It was hot and humid so we decided to drive around the 4 mile Laurel Hill wildlife drive and not adventure into mosquito domain. I just pulled over to the side every time we saw picture worthy subjects. The trails might be fun in the fall . The map shows 6 trails from .89 to 3.9 miles that can be combined to 15 miles of hiking. We saw alligators, moorhens, herons, egrets, ibis in their natural habitat as well as beautiful moss draped oak trees. Please note that they are doing maintenance work in the refuge so the Wildlife drive might be closed but they open it on some Saturdays and Sundays, I suggest you check their web site before heading over to make sure it is open.

Reference web site Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

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  1. Great pictures! I had to think where this was, and I remembered my friend and I had stopped there on our way to Savannah to visit another friend for a few days. I really enjoyed it and we did it in the month of February.


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