Donnelley Wildlife Management Area 2023, SC

This year we visited Donnelley Wildlife Management Area on April 21st. We started on the Boynton trail, but found it a bit overgrown, so we returned to the car and decided to go on the 11-mile drive and stop when we see wildlife. In addition to alligators, this year I was happy to see a number of spoonbills and wood storks as well as egrets, cormorants, moorhens, and herons.

Located in Green Pond SC, Donnelley WMA consists of 8,047 acres of wetland, upland, old rice fields, and long leaf pine forests. It is named in honor of Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley who contributed greatly to conservation efforts of the Ace Basin Project. The WMA is currently owned and managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SC DNR).

Should you be interested in visiting this beautiful section of the ACE Basin make sure to check out the DNR’s web page for scheduled events as it might be closed for hunting.

References SC DNR Web Site, SC Picture Project, Discover SC

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