Old Town Rock Hill, SC

Today 1/2/2020 we stopped by Rock Hill for a visit. I have gone through this town so many times over the years without stopping until I saw gorgeous photos posted by a talented Instagram photographer I follow . Rock Hill rebuilt its downtown in 1993 conserving the front facades of the old buildings and documenting the process with a huge poster of newspaper fragments and photographs. My friend and I walked around admiring the charming vibes of this town, reading about its history with racial justice, observing its eclectic stores and restaurants all still adorned in Christmas decorations. The fountain in fountain park may be the highlight of our visit. There is a grassy area in front of the fountain which is used for yoga lessons or concerts. There is even an ice rink across the street. What a charming southern town!

Reference Old Rock Hill

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4 thoughts on “Old Town Rock Hill, SC

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  1. Amazing! Your pictures are great and I will pass them along to a friend. Have passed rock Hill for decades and never stopped in to the town center. Looks worthy of a visit

  2. The dancing waterfall was something to see. I could’ve spent hours just watching it. Every time I see you take a pic I often wonder how the finished product will look once it’s posted. They never disappoint.


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