Draper WMA, SC

I visited the Draper Wildlife Management Area on Friday 7/3/2020. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect to be around sunflowers. The SC DNR has managed this tract of land since its purchase in 1995. It consists of 806 acres used for hiking, fishing, biking, hunting and observation of wildlife. It is popular this time of year because they grow magnificent sunflowers. It is about an hour from my house in Blythewood, SC. On the way I passed historic Brattonville, I wanted to stop but it was closed due to Covid. It looked quite interesting so I will most assuredly go back post-Covid to explore and learn about its history.

Web Site Draper WMA , Historic Brattonville

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  1. Hello, I just moved to South Carolina. I saw your post and I hope to find a lot of places and neat things to do !

  2. Welcome to SC!
    Our state has a lot to offer. Check out my Hikes page for a number of places I visited. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions.


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