Carolina Thread Trail, SC / NC

On Sunday 8/16/2020 I met my friends Laura and Ann in Lancaster, South Carolina to hike this beautiful trail. Even though it meanders around various neighborhoods, you do not feel that you are walking in an urban area. Wildlife abounds especially birds. We heard and saw many. We met at the trail head on the South Carolina side in Walnut Creek park and hiked to Waxhaw North Carolina (just south of Charlotte) across the suspension bridge that separates the two states. It was neat to take just a couple of steps past the South Carolina sign on the 180 ft. suspension bridge and find ourselves in North Carolina. Only 12 people are allowed on the bridge at a time. We continued on the North Carolina side for another mile and a half for 5.5 miles one way before starting back toward our vehicles. We hiked 11 miles total. If you want to walk on the suspension bridge without hiking this far, you might want to drive to Waxhaw and find a parking location on that side as it is much closer to the North Carolina side.

References Carolina Thread Trail, Twelve Mile Creek Trail – Walnut Creek Park Segment

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