Ridgeway Family Farm of Blythewood, SC

I found out about the sunflower field in Blythewood on July 3rd, 2023 as I perused the town’s Facebook page. I knew right away I had to visit. I stopped by the farm mid-morning the next day and was immediately immersed in the yellow spectacle surrounding me. I met sweet Mrs. Ridgeway whose family owns the farm. She explained that their goal is to create a splash of beauty in Blythewood. I think they succeeded.

It was super-hot that morning, after snapping a few photos, I quickly picked a bouquet of sunflowers and arranged with Mrs. Ridgeway to return at sunset. They are a small family farm. If you are interested in visiting, make sure to check their Facebook page. While they occasionally offer set hours, they also meet by appointment. Though resilient, given the heat wave we have been under lately, I am not sure how much longer the flowers will survive. Until they are no longer there, I am sure I will enjoy driving by and letting my eyes roam over the bright yellow picturesque scene.

Reference Ridgeway Family Farm Facebook page

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