Crooked Cedar Farm, Blythewood, SC

I visited Crooked Cedar Farm in Blythewood on a hot July day in 2023. I was surprised to find many colorful flowers still thriving despite the draining heat wave we have had lately. Selvin and Edwina Harrell have lived in their Blythewood home for forty-seven years. After retiring from careers in veterinary research and accounting, they dedicated their time to growing their beautiful farm. I was surprised at the beauty I observed as soon as I stepped out of my car. The owners greeted me warmly, but I struggled to follow the conversation as my eyes darted from one corner of their property to the other trying to take it all in. A variety of plant textures, colors, borders, arbors, fountains, statues, benches, arches, mini fences combine to create a veritable verdant English garden right here in the center of South Carolina. I will let my photos describe it as I’m not sure words would do it justice. I cannot wait to visit again in Spring and Fall to see the garden in each season’s attire.

In addition to eggs from chickens they raise, organic vegetables, flower bouquets, the Harrells sell homemade sauces, canned products, and local honey from a small cottage they built on their property. Before visiting, make sure to check their page below for available produce and hours of operation. I walked out with a gorgeous bouquet, a dozen brown eggs, delicious organic tomatoes and cucumbers.

Refrerence Crooked Cedar Farm Facebook page

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