Kings Mountain National Military Park, SC

In mid-November 2020 I drove to Blacksburg, SC to visit this historic park to walk its beautiful 1.5 mile trail after hiking in adjoining Kings Mountain State park. I like this short trail for three reasons:

  • The trail itself is paved out of recycled tires so it is spongy under the feet
  • It is a moderate trail in a wooded setting especially beautiful in the fall
  • The trail provides an opportunity to learn about the historic battle that took place there on October 7, 1780 during the Revolutionary war. All along the trail are markers that tell the story of how the Americans managed to halt the British’s advance into the Carolinas.

Established in 1931, the park commemorates this pivotal battle in the American revolutionary war. The 65 minute battle marked the first major win for the Patriots against the Loyalists since their invasion of the lowcountry of SC in May. According to Theodore Roosevelt “This brilliant victory marked the turning point of the American Revolution.” The battle resulted in the death of hundreds of Loyalists including Major Ferguson. There is a marker honoring him in the park. I read that the Loyalists used muskets which are quicker to load but not as accurate whereas the Americans used riffles which are slower but more accurate.

It is a strange feeling to consider that 240 years ago, many lost their life where I was walking. History always fascinated me. President Hoover visited the grounds on October 7th, 1930 to mark the 150th anniversary of this battle. 70,000 people attended the event. I can’t imagine where all these people stood on that day but there is a monument with a photo on the site.

The trail gets rather steep in one part otherwise it is easy. I had to stop and catch my breath on the ascent. It is a loop. Every time I visit I walk it at least twice in both directions. It is a great workout.

References Kings Mountain National Park web site, Wikipedia

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