Crowders Mountain State Park, NC

We hiked 9 miles at Crowders Mountain State park in North Carolina on 10/31/2020. We parked one car at the Boulders access and the second at the Sparrow Springs access. Starting with the Fern trail, we connected with Turnback to reach the Pinnacle trail. We hiked to the Pinnacle lookout which was quite crowded before heading southward on the Ridgeland trail. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday with a high of 55F. Fall colors were starting to show in the park. On the Ridgeline trail which was 5.6 miles we only ran into 4 groups of two people so it was a peaceful moderate hike. My phone indicated 80 floors for the entire hike. Crowders’ lookouts are quite scenic offering a panoramic views of the Charlotte area. The northern trails are very popular so likely best to go during the week or very early. Do expect a moderate to strenuous hike especially to the lookouts.

References Crowders Mountain, Trail Map, The Pinnacle via Ridgeline Trail and Boulder access

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