Tennent Mountain via Black Balsam Knob and Art Loeb Trail, NC

My family and I hiked this trail on Monday 10/19/2020. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful trail offering 360 degree views when you reach the top. This is a very popular hiking spot. We parked behind a line of cars. I did not take hiking poles but they would have helped, next time will definitely take them.

Our hike ended up being about 5 miles. We ate our lunch on the top while admiring the glorious vistas around us. There were a lot of hikers as well as rescue personnel on the trail due to a missing young man in the area. Everyone was very courteous and several wore masks. Saw a cat hiker for the first time. Dogs are common on the trail but not cats. Apparently this one loved to hike. I snapped a photo that you can see below.

The trail is well maintained and easy to follow. I highly recommend this hike.

Reference Tennent Mountain via Black Balsam Knob and Art Loeb

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