High Falls, NC

My son and I hiked to these spectacular falls on 10/23/2020. We were staying in a rental house only 20 minutes away. They are by far the most amazing we visited during our week stay in Glenville, NC.

The hike is an easy 4 mile round trip. The first mile is on a gravel road then just under a mile along a beautiful river. The last 0.2 mile we had to climb over dead trees along the path, then a few rocks to finally reach the glorious falls. Make sure you don’t stop at the dead trees. they do block the trail but you can get around them. The trail is easy to moderate at the end but nothing difficult. About 0.25 mile from High Falls you can take a right onto an offshoot and see another beautiful side fall. You will see the brief trail, you don’t want to miss it.

Fall season was in full swing on the trail, I couldn’t help take several photos to display the beauty of North Carolina nature in this season.

Reference High Falls Address 1486-358 State Rd 1158, Glenville, NC 28736

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  1. Wonderful pics! So great to have your son to join you.. Isn’t fall the best!


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