Lake Glenville, NC

In mid-October 2020 I rented a house in Cullowhee, NC on Lake Glenville. My family and I spent a lovely week exploring the area. According to Wikipedia the lake was formed in 1941 when the Nantahala Electric company built a dam to generate hydroelectric power. The lake is about 1,500 beautiful acres. It offers 26 miles of glorious shorelines that elegantly put on in their fall outfit during our time there.

I got up early on a couple of mornings to watch the sun rise over the lake. It was breathtakingly gorgeous! There are four waterfalls on the lake only accessible from water. My son and I canoed to find them. We started on the north end and reached Mills Creek Falls, Hidden Fall and Norton Falls before getting too tired to continue to Hurricane Falls at the south end. I hope I labeled them correctly in the photos as there were no signs indicating which is which. It was a beautiful day. We enjoyed looking at the fall colors and the nice homes perched between the trees. We waved at fishermen, kayakers, visitors on a touring boat and people just hanging out on their docks soaking up the sun and the peaceful beauty around them. I highly recommend a visit to the area, it is relaxing and good for the soul.

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Beautiful Lake Glenville Sunrise

Mill Creek Falls

Hidden Falls

Norton Falls

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  1. I don’t often receive a reply because I have to keep signing in but these pictures are gorgeous. Why don’t you buy the house and I can be the resident housekeeper and cook? LOL


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