Cullasaja Falls, NC

On October 20th 2020 we took a road trip to Highlands to view several roadside or nearby waterfalls. We drove toward Franklin on US Highway 64 which is a curvy mountain road.

There is a very small parking area on the side of the road. It is more of a lookout stop. I missed it then had to turn around. Then there was no room so I drove back and forth a few times before someone pulled out. It is a bit dangerous to walk along the tight road while cars are going by and blowing their horns at you. The waterfall can be seen at a distance unless one chooses to hike down a steep trail that I did not dare try. My son however did hike to the bottom. The fall is glorious up close. As for me I was content with the photos I took roadside.

References Cullasaja Waterfall

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4 thoughts on “Cullasaja Falls, NC

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  1. Those are pretty pictures! I have a cabin just down from there where the water settles down a little. It’s a perfect place to go swimming and kayak from. If ever you’re in the area and interested an inner tubing or kayaking from there shoot me a p.m. God bless!

  2. Just returned to Nashville
    after a visit to The Highlands. We
    Visited many waterfalls and it was awesome most could be seen without a
    Long hike. Beautiful area!


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