Natural Bridge, Yoho National Park, Canada

On September 18 2022, we drove to Yoho National Park. The road from Banff to Yoho is very scenic. If you were in the car with us you’d heard “Wow, look at this!” and “How beautiful is that!” every few minutes. We first stopped at Natural Bridge, a popular viewpoint where we observed a massive rock that spans across Kicking Horse River. This scenic lookout offers stunning photo opportunities. The parking lot is large, and the stop is wheelchair accessible. It allows visitors to see the bridge and falls from a few different perspectives. Make sure you bring your camera for this quick stop.

The Yoho river and Kicking Horse river meet in a spot known as Meeting of the Waters at 1366ft in Yoho National park. We stopped by this spot on the same day. The water from Yoho is milky because of its glacier source while the water of Kicking horse is clear due to settling. They meet here and proceed to form the Natural Bridge.

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