Sulfur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station, Banff, Canada

On 9/17/2022 we rode the gondola up to Sulfur Mountain to be completely awed by stunning 360-degree views. We opted for the 10 min ride vs. hiking up the 6.8-mile Sulfur Mountain trail with its intimidating 2,480ft elevation increase. The two-way ride cost us the equivalent of US $55. The views from the gondola on the way up are gorgeous. At the summit, we walked the 0.7-mile boardwalk with its many steps admiring the scenic Bow valley, six mountain ranges and Banff. It was a beautiful, sunny and crowded day. There is a restaurant on top as well as a coffee shop. I think this summit is a must-see when in Banff whether you choose to hike or ride to/from the top.

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2 thoughts on “Sulfur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station, Banff, Canada

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! I know it had to be spectacular in person. Wow‼️ Definately bucket list worthy. ❤
    Thank you for posting. 😊


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