Three Sisters Creek trail, Alberta, Canada

The three Sisters Creek Trail is 2.7 miles with an elevation increase of 826ft. On 9/15/2022 we parked near the trailhead on a neighborhood road. The trail is scenic with bridges, water crossings, two waterfalls and views of Three Sisters peaks. It is a bit confusing after reaching the first waterfall as it appears to continue to the right. We followed Alltrails and crossed over the stream to the left at the first waterfall and proceeded on to the second waterfall. Alltrails shows the trail continuing beyond the second fall, but it did not look safe, so we turned around at this point. All and all, the trail is beautiful albeit a bit confusing. It is scenic hike as evidenced by the photos and videos below.

Reference Three Sisters Creek Trail

Three Sisters Creek Trail Waterfall II

Three Sisters Creek Trail Waterfall I

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