A visit to Kananaskis, Canada

On 9/22/2022, we stopped at the Kananaskis’ Visitors Center on our drive back to Canmore. The park ranger pointed out several short hikes in the area as we were limited on time. We headed to one about twenty minutes down the road. Along the way, we admired with awe the views around us. We could not believe how picturesque Kananaskis is. The town was not even on our radar. We stopped at the bridge on Mount Allan Dr to take photos of the beautiful Kananaskis River. The parking lot was the starting point to several trails. It was large and looked newly built. We decided to hike the 2.3-mile loop starting at Hay Meadow Trail, up to Troll Falls then back down on Troll Falls trail. The trail’s elevation is only 571 ft. It is easy with beautiful scenery.

We ran into two gentlemen counting Golden Eagles. Golden Eagle migration is studied carefully in this area. Changes in passage dates may be related to climate change. Scientists also measure the ratio of migrating populations to study the survival of their juvenile. We did not spot any eagles but enjoyed our chat.

After another quick photo stop at Lake Barrier, we headed back to the visitor center. We parked and checked out the trail behind it that the ranger had pointed out. It led us to the shores of the beautiful river. We turned around after about one mile. The trail continued further meandering along the river. We enjoyed our time in Kananaskis. It will certainly make our itinerary when we return to the area.

Reference Troll Falls and Hay Meadow Trail

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the ones of Lake Barrier.
    …and Merry Christmas to you and yours. 💜✝️🛐🌲🙏💕


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