Furry Creek, British Columbia, Canada

It was love from first sight on August 19, 2023 when we stopped at Furry Creek in British Columbia. Despite smoke drifting in from center British Columbia’s wildfires concealing mountains tops, Furry Creek was simply stunning. A few residents of the Howe sound waterfront community were out seeing to the flowers adorning their front yards. They showed us pictures of how beautiful the place looked just the previous day before smoke took over. Smoke or not, this place is simply gorgeous. I was so ecstatic with the many photographic possibilities that I must have taken a thousand photos! We stopped back by a couple of days later on our way down from Whistler hoping that the smoke may have dissipated. Furry Creek simply glistened surrounded by mountains ambivalent to any lingering smoke or haze. I hope the photos below succeed in relaying the incredible beauty of this place.

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