Edisto Memorial Gardens 2022, SC

Edisto Memorial Garden in Orangeburg, SC is home to 187 named variety of roses spread over 79 beds and 5,000 plants. Visitors can wander from dawn until dusk between rows and rows of stunning multi-colored blooms, a true delight to the senses. After checking out the roses, walk on the 2,600 ft boardwalk over the Edisto River wetlands for some natural scenic beauty.

There is quite a variety of sights and sounds in this garden. We walked over to the pond and observed birds, geese, ducks, herons, egrets. I posed by a waterwheel before walking the wooded area of tall trees. I then proceeded across the street to admire the water feature and Japanese garden. The photos below were taken about one month apart, the rose captures are from May 14, 2022. Swamp and woods photos are from April, 2022.

If in the area a visit to this garden is a must, it combines natural and manmade resulting in a beautiful space that one could visit many times and always see something new. The city of Orangeburg holds the Festival of Roses at the gardens the weekend before Mother’s Day.

Reference Edisto Memorial Gardens, Edisto Rose Garden

Address 218 Riverside Dr SW Orangeburg, South Carolina, 29115

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