Chandler Rock, SC

On May 2nd 2021, I hiked to Chandler Rock in Ashmore Heritage Preserve with the Girls Who Hike South Carolina (GWHSC). Ashmore preserve is a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) which is part of Mountain Bridge Wilderness near Caesar’s Head State part. I expected the hike to be much worse than it really was. We were on top of the rock within about an hour from starting. The trail ascends 1,023 ft. up to the rock where one can enjoy beautiful scenic views. The trail is moderately strenuous. After coming down we hiked around Lake Wattacoo which was an easier hike with some elevation at the end of the loop. The total length of the hike was about 5 miles.

The following poem is posted on the WMA’s page. It was written by Russell Ashmore Sr., who owned a part of the 1,125.5-acre Ashmore Heritage Preserve.

“Leaves are dancing in the wind as the branches nod and sway
As though each twig would like to say,
”Welcome, Friend; it’s a delightful day.”
And may these trees remain uncut
And may this land stay free and clear;
And may God’s creatures roam and feed without the thought of fear.
Yes, it’s great to look upon a tree and feel the thrill God has for us to see;
Or to be shaded by its leafy arms
As well as thrilled by its lofty charms.
Here, the supreme Architect of all creation
Raised his hand to morning bright
And renewed my soul with nature’s great delight.”

References Ashmore Heritage Preserve, Chandler Rock Trail on AllTrails


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