Raven Cliff Falls 2021, SC

At the end of June 2021, we hiked Raven Cliff at Caesar’s Head State park in upstate South Carolina. This waterfall is truly spectacular. It drops 420 ft. into the gorge. We hiked to the suspension bridge and back: Raven Cliff Falls Trail (#11) and Gum Gap Trail (#13). We stopped at the overlook first to admire the waterfall from afar. If you look at the long distance waterfall photo featured above, you can see the suspension bridge as a horizontal line over the waterfall in the top center of the photo. The suspension bridge is located at the top of the fall. The hike to the bridge and back was about 8 miles, we saw wild azaleas and other wild flowers. I was tired by the time we got back to our cars even though we did not hike the difficult dismal trail. I would describe this hike as moderately difficult.

References Raven Cliff Falls Suspension Bridge , Middle Saluda Passage, AllTrails


Oil Camp Creek

Caesars Head and Bald Rock

Raven Cliff and Dismal Trail Loop 2018 (Palmetto Trail Middle Saluda Passage)

Raven Cliff Falls To The Suspension Bridge 2021

Rainbow Falls and Jones Gap Falls

Chandler’s Rock

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