Little Bradley Falls, NC

We hiked this trail on 4/17/2021. We parked on the side of the road and walked over the bridge to the Little Bradley trail head on the right. Once at the trail head we were guided to go uphill to the left. You will see another trailhead on the left before the bridge but that one leads to Big Bradley Falls.

The hike was pretty moderate if it were not for the two creek crossings. I did not have to take off my shoes to cross the first creek but the second was more difficult for me. On that day, I suppose due to recent rainfalls the water would get to one’s knees so shoes must be taken off and care must be taken to not slip on the slick rocks. I neglected to take my hiking stick which was a bad idea as I needed it to cross the creeks. A make shift tree branch buckled and I almost plunged into the water… so I highly recommend you take your hiking stick. It’s an easy trail except for a couple of minor technical spots. You might consider wearing water shoes if you are comfortable hiking in them.

We could not have picked a better time to visit. The trees were so green! We saw a plethora of wildflowers along the trail. The falls were gorgeous. Little Bradley Falls descend about 50ft over multiple levels of rocks.

Please note that the last two photos in this blog were taken on the road from Pearson’s fall to Little Bradley not on this trail.

References Little Bradley Falls Trail on AllTrails

  • Length: 2.4 miles out and back
  • Location: Near Saluda, NC, check the AllTrails link for directions
  • Rating: Moderate with 2 creek crossings

As you watch the video, you might want to read Waterfall Sound, a poem by Mark Van Doren (1894-1972)

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