Pearson’s Falls & Glen, NC

Visited Pearsons Falls in Saluda, NC on 4/17/2021. It was a beautiful albeit cloudy day. The trees were bright green and the falls simply spectacular. The area is very well maintained. There is a $5 entrance fee, a medium parking area, picnic tables, bathrooms. The Tryon Garden Club purchased the 275 acres from Captain Charles William Pearson in 1931, it remains privately held. Visitors walk an easy and scenic 1/4 mile trail to reach the 90ft. fall. Along the way, they are rewarded with beautiful views, a running stream, an old bridge, and a plethora of wild flowers. It is a NC National Heritage site.

Reference Pearson’s Fall web site

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  1. Beautiful photos! This looks like my kind of trail. Would prefer a longer hike but this looks very much worth the drive along the way to a longer hike 🙂 LOL!


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