Lee Falls, SC

We drove three hours to Tamassee, SC to hike Lee Falls on Saturday 3/19/2022. We pulled into the unpaved trail parking lot. The hike starts at a gorgeous wide green meadow before meandering through the woods. It is a beautiful 2.9 miles. We crossed six or seven creeks and one creek walk. I managed to stay dry crossing over rocks or tree trunks while my friend changed into water shoes and simply walked on. The trail appeared and disappeared at which times we found our way through pink ribbons someone nicely hung on trees. When got close to the falls we scrambled across boulders to reach the bottom of the spectacular falls. I’d make sure to carry a hiking stick, I found it very helpful on water crossing.

Note: After posting the blog, Bob Kings a terrific photographer that I follow in the upstate told me that he was the one who hung the pink ribbons! He is a true “trail angel” as my friend Laura called him. We would have likely lost our way without the ribbons to guide us. THANK you so much Bob Kings.

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