Fall Creek Falls Trail, SC

We hiked Fall Creek Falls Trail near Mountain Rest, SC on March 20th, 2022. While not impossible, this trail was quite challenging for us. It is not a popular trail and it is not well maintained. Many downed trees obstruct the path in several sections. Hiking down to the bottom of the falls is difficult due to the lack of a specific path, so we had to find our own way by hanging on to roots, sometimes sliding down. The falls themselves were absolutely beautiful and there are quite a few of them on this trail. Andrew Ramey greets you first. I found the way down to it too difficult to follow so I skipped it. I did make it down to Fall Creek Falls which is a 40ft waterfall as well as Sidepocket falls. We then continued on the overgrown trail down to the Chattooga river which was absolutely stunning. We took a short break and watched kayakers paddle down the river.

This trail is not well maintained and not easily navigated. I would not recommend taking children. I also recommend hiking sticks. It was only about 3 miles and 280 ft elevation gain, but it took us several hours to complete. I am glad we hiked it, the falls are definitely worth it but not sure I will make a repeat trip.

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