Chain Lakes Loop Trail, Mount Baker Wilderness, WA

Likely the most scenic trail I have ever hiked, Chain Lakes is absolutely enchanting. On 8/18/2023, we left our little cabin in the town of Glacier, WA and drove up Mt Baker Highway to Artist Point parking lot. This is where we started our hike of the lower section of Chain Lakes. We hiked about 3 miles past Iceberg Lake to Herman Saddle and having hiked Bagley Loop that intersects with Chain lakes’ remaining section, we turned around and headed back. The elevation increase up to Herman Saddle is only 834ft. I was in awe of the breathtaking expanses, the forest, meadows, wildflowers, picturesque Mt Shuksan, scenic Mt Baker, shimmering green lakes such as Iceberg Lake and Hayes Lake. This trail truly has it all including lake swimming if you like. I absolutely recommend hiking at least a section of it if not the entire loop. Make sure you have a phone or a camera. I always recommend a hiking stick as I find mine indispensable.

If interested in hiking the entire trail, the loop is 6.2 miles with a 1,794ft. elevation gain.

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