Olympic National Park – Lake Crescent, Rialto Beach, WA

On September 24, 2022, my husband and I drove from Port Angeles in Washington State to Olympic National Park. We spent a beautiful first day at the park gallivanting amongst waterfalls, a lake and a beach. Our first photo stop was at the Cresent Lake sign -about 18 miles away. I watched a group of divers as they prepared to go into the serene lake water.

We then proceeded to the trailhead of Marymere Falls. We hiked the popular 1.7 miles that meanders through an old growth forest. The ground was rather dry, it had not rained in a while so Marymere Falls were unfortunately a disappointing trickle. We decided to check out Crescent Lake Lodge nearby. A drink in hand, we spent a few quiet minutes admiring the picturesque Lake Crescent scene in front of the lodge. There were rowers in the lake, a few people examining rental kayaks and others like us just taking it all in.

Our second hike was the crowded Sol Duc Falls Trail. This hike was more interesting. It led us by beautiful moss-covered trees. The falls are very rewarding if not spectacular. The trail was an easy 1.6 mile, a must-do when in the area.

We checked into our lodging, had dinner in town then headed to Rialto Beach for a sunset hike to the Hole in the Wall. This 3.3 mile out and back hike is popular as well. There is no elevation increase on this beach hike, you will see pebbles and driftwood. The rocks around the Hole in the Wall are slippery. I suggest wearing hiking boots as I did. The trail is very picturesque, you will likely spend a lot of time taking pictures, just be very careful of the tide schedule. You want to reach the wall at low tide, so you do not get stuck. I very much enjoyed this hike and highly recommend it albeit at low tide.

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  1. Beautiful photos. Love the pictures of you two on the beach and at the waterfall.


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