Mount Rainier – Paradise Area, Washington

On September 28 2022, my husband and I visited the Paradise area of Mount Rainier National park. Paradise is located on the South side of the park. It was a rainy day. We walked a section of Skyline trail passing by Myrtle Falls then wandered in the area until it started raining harder. The visitor center includes a cafeteria, exhibits and information. Skyline trail is a spectacular 5.5 miles and climbs about 1,500 ft. The views of the snow-covered mountains in the short section I hiked were epic as well as the spectacular meadows bursting with colors. This area receives an average of 53 ft of snow every year making it perfect for winter sports.

In addition to the area around the visitor center, we drove the scenic drive to Inspiration Point and Reflection Lake, both roadside stops. From the upper parking lot take Paradise Valley then left on Stevens Canyon Road. These roads are open seasonally so check the park’s web site. Thankfully fog and clouds parted briefly allowing us to see a partial reflection of Mount Rainier into Reflection Lake. Inspiration point offers views of the mountain range.

References: Park Web Site, Things to do in Paradise

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