Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

With more than 1.5 million visitors per year, Snoqualmie Falls is the second most visited attraction in Washington State after Mt Rainier. Located 30 miles east of Seattle, it is home to the first underground power plant in the world. The hydroelectric plant is operated by Puget Sound Energy.

My husband and I walked to the upper Fall overlook then hiked the lower trails on 9/26/2022. Snoqualmie falls 230 feet onto the Snoqualmie river. It is higher than Niagra Falls ( Horseshoe Fall drops 187ft, whereas the American falls is 69ft to 98ft)

Reference Snoqualmie Falls web site , AllTrails Snoqualmie Lower Trail, Snoqualmie Falls Trail

View from the top overlook

View from the bottom

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