A Thanksgiving message

So much unescapable suffering in our world, as if a dark bubble is traveling around carrying oppression, misery and death from one location to another. I lived my share of it growing up in war-torn Lebanon. It taught me to go after life with everything I have, every minute I can -in case I am not around for the next.
I used to sense a “missing out” feeling, often blamed work or responsibilities.

I’m retired now, kids have grown. I have all the time I may want. Ironically, I no longer see the need to experience it all every minute. Gratefully immersing myself in what’s before me, fills me with joy. It may be as simple as watching leaves twirling onto the ground, hearing their crunch under my feet, listening to my boys’ witty banter when we get together, looking forward to my husband’s clever remarks breaking the quietness of our home, or trying to freeze the beauty around me when I click my shutter.

Perhaps that’s what aging gracefully brings on, a little more wisdom, a little more reflection, and a slowing down of our frantic pace -just a little. Not stopping but taking a bit longer to appreciate and savor the moments we have been gifted.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you for being in my circle

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4 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving message

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your husband and your boys. I hope blessings follow you for the rest of your life.
    Thank you for sharing your world through the lense of a camera. It is the only way I will experience most of the beauty you brought to me through your travels and your amazing photographic abilities.

    1. Aw thank you so much for this message. It’s my pleasure to bring thus experience to you though I do hope you will get to see some of these places in person one day


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