Bridal Veil Falls, TN

We hiked from the Sewanee cross to Bridal Veil Falls at the end of April 2022. We parked by the cross, stopping for photos of the beautiful overlook and structure then followed the trail. It was just about 5 miles round trip. We saw a number of small waterfalls and cascades along the way. It was a beautiful spring day, and all was green. The trail is easy but for the angled incline leading to the fall. The elevation gain in total was about 800ft. It was not crowded and absolutely enjoyable. We took our time enjoying the wildflowers, the creeks, the cascades, the wooden bridges … We spent about 4.5hrs in these woods including a lunch break. I absolutely recommend this hike. The waterfall is gorgeous!

Reference AllTrails: Sewanee Memorial Cross to Bridal Veil Falls

Cascade and bridge along the way

Bridal Veil Falls

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