Cumberland Caverns, TN

Our visit took place on Thursday 9/24/2020. The caverns are located in McMinnville, TN. We purchased a Discovery walking tour ticket and very much enjoyed the 90 minutes we spent inside led by our outstanding guide Berlyn. Tours are conducted every hour on the hour. They also offer daytime and overnight adventures.

We learned about the interesting history of the extensive cavern system from its discovery by Aaron Higgenbotham in 1810 to how it was used to make Salt Peter and about the multiple raids looking to arrest moonshine makers . We marveled at the cool stalagmite and stalactite formations as well as the brief light show we watched in complete darkness. I have never been in total darkness before. It is quite eerie.

The caverns sits 333 ft. below the surface and stretch to more than 32 miles. I was surprised to learn that they host popular concerts in the Volcano room. The photo do not do this cool place justice, it must be experienced in person.

Reference Cumberland Caverns

Hope you enjoy this short video I took during the tour.

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