Grandview – New River Gorge, WV

This section of the park offers the most spectacular view in the New River Gorge National Park. Established by The Civilian Conservation Corps, Grandview started out in 1939 as a state park. It was transferred to the National Park System in 1990. It covers 892 acres at a depth of 1,400 ft. The main overlook allows visitors to see 7 miles of the river.

We visited in October 2021. Starting at the main overlook, we hiked Castle Rock Trail, a strenuous 0.6 miles. It connects with Grandview Rim Trail which we took on the way back. I did not think Castle Rock was worth the effort. It was a rainy day and portions of this trail were slick and slippery, might as well hike Grandview Rim trail to the other lookouts. We then drove to Turkey Spur overlook, parked in its parking lot and climbed the 150 steps for more stunning views of the river gorge, the old railroad bridge and the old bridge.

References Grandview Area Hiking Trails, Grandview

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