Endless Wall Trail, WV

My husband and I hiked this beautiful trail on Monday 10/4/2021. We started in a lush green forest of tall pine trees. Fall colors were a wonderful surprise when we reached the top of the mountain. Dangerous but very scenic and picturesque cliffs greeted us at Diamond point. I could not get enough of looking at the stunning views of the New River gorge some 1,000 feet below. The cliffs’ edges were spectacular. We did not see any rock climbers or kayakers during our time on this trail.

The trail is within the New River Gorge National park and Reserve. It is a moderate 2.4 miles heavily trafficked. It was such a joy to hike! We parked at the Nuttall parking lot and walked 0.5mile downhill on the main road to reach the other trailhead where we started our hike. We completed the loop at the Nuttall parking lot. This is a much easier direction as the other way would have you walking the main road uphill at the end of the hike. A shorter option would be to turn around at Diamond point.

References National Park Web Site, AllTrails

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