Long Point Trail, WV

My husband and I hiked this moderate trail on 10/4/2021. Its highlight is the stunning view of the New River bridge and gorge at the end. The trail is a short 3 miles out and back, fairly easy but for tree roots. It is quite popular.

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5 thoughts on “Long Point Trail, WV

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Great time of year for that. Loved the picture of y’all with the bridge in the background. What an amazing view!!

  2. I love your photos!! Wondering if there is a way to go from one to another without having to click on each one individually?

    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate the feedback. I don’t think the current way allows for it BUT I have an idea. Let me see if I can add a slideshow that might allow for that.

    2. I changed the images in this post to enable the behavior you requested. I hope this work out better. I will use this method for all future posts. I really appreciate your feedback.


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