Saluda Riverwalk 2020, SC

The Saluda River Walk is a beautiful trail in downtown Columbia. I visited on Saturday 6/13/2020. Alltrails shows it as a 7.3 mile walk. I went from beginning to end and clocked about 5 miles total but I stopped where the trail seemed to stop before reaching the bridge to Boyd Island sanctuary (which I am not sure is finished yet). The walk along the river is very enjoyable, there are benches along the way and a few picnic tables.

Due to Covid, I assume the bathrooms were closed as well as the official parking lot. I parked on Candi Ln along with everybody else. I did see two park rangers during my visit so I was not clear why the parking lot was closed. It was a Saturday morning and there were quite a few people there. By the time I was leaving around noon I saw a couple of organized groups going tubing.

The boardwalk offers awsome views! I saw a number of fishermen, kayakers, tubers, bicyclists, families as well as some wildlife. Here’s the Alltrails link Saluda RiverWalk

I suggest you arrive early if you plan to visit on a weekend as it is a popular spot. Use bug spray and sunscreen, though most of the walk is shaded by trees.

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