Capitol Reef National Park, UT

We traveled to Capitol Reef in the summer of 2019. This park will amaze you by its history as well as its landscapes. The land it occupies was home to people for thousands of years even before the Mormon pioneers arrived in the 1800s.

The Fremont and their ancestral Puebloan people lived here 2,000 years ago. They left their marks on the rocks in forms of petroglyphs. You can see petroglyphs and pictographs in my photos below.

We were truly amazed by how big the landscapes are in this park. I truly felt as if I had jumped into a cowboy western movie. I highly recommend visiting this park if for nothing else its sheer magnitude. Humans feel how little and insignificant they are compared to the magnificence of God.

Park web site Capitol Reef National Park

Make sure to fill up as you will drive over 100 miles without seeing any gas stations or food establishment. Make sure to pack some food and water. There is a small bakery but by the time we reached it they had run out of goods.

My favorite part was hiking the narrows at Capitol Gorge. I can’t describe the feelings that overcame me as I walked between the huge rocks. It was absolutely enchanting. I highly recommend it. I did reach the pools/water pockets as you will see in the photos below.

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